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Private flights and seasonal connections to the most exclusive destinations at competitive prices.

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Innovate air transport

Small Fly revolutionizes private air transport - both passengers and cargo - through an innovative offer, with affordable prices and real-time quotations.

A plane all for you

Traveling on an exclusive private flight has never been easier thanks to our real-time pricing.

Simply exclusive

Reach the most exclusive locations with Smart Fly seasonal flights that allow you to purchase individual seats.

No waiting, immediately in flight

Flying with Small Fly is quick and easy. You book, arrive at the airport and are assisted for check-in and dedicated boarding.

An innovative offer

Ours is an innovative and dynamic offer with real-time quotations, divided into three sectors

Perché Small Fly?

Why Small Fly?

  • Book your private flight with just a few clicks
  • Dedicated check-in and boarding operations
  • Real-time Private Fly Quotes
  • Seasonal flights to exclusive destinations
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Ship your goods anywhere, quickly
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